Message of Chamestan Azhand Coal Company CEO :

Message of Chamestan Azhand Coal Company CEO

Hope and investment for future generations are among important capitals of a country.
Azhand Coal Company was founded in 2017 through the efforts of an elite named Ali Asghar Hajibaba, who was a great entrepreneur and is known as the Father of Iranian Foundry. In addition to Azhand, he established several other companies in this industry.
Under the aegis of Allah, the Most Sublime, and following in the footsteps of Mr. Hajibaba, Azhand is always trying to achieve its goals through considerable efforts, commitment, and awareness of its dedicated staff who count themselves as members of a family. Highly motivated and genuinely committed, they all spend every effort to satisfy customer and stakeholder needs and play a significant role in boosting Iranian community hope and mirthfulness.

May Allah bring you prosperity!

Best Regards

CEO of Chamestan Azhand Coal Company

Amir Hossein Astani