Mission (Statement) , Policy , and Goals of Chamestan Azhand Coal Company ؛


Mission (Statement)

The following statement describes Chamestan Azhand Coal Company’s mission, vision/outlook, and goals:

  • Supplying granulated coal (products) to ferroalloy companies
  • Launching factory development plans to meet customer demands and provide raw materials for factories
  • Entering into partnership in purchase, processing, and sale of coal to assist industries and create jobs
  • Diversifying products and briquettes
  • Generating motivation and enhancing occupational safety
  • Environmental monitoring through self-reporting minimizes environmental hazards. In harmony with this, Azhand adopts a green policy and possess 2 hectares of citrus orchards, which reduce air pollution.
  • In line with university-industry collaboration, Azhand enlists the services of university graduates in its R&D, where they research on other uses of coal and its derivatives.

Azhand’s management and staff respect customer demands and opinions and put in every effort to satisfy them. They strive to meet the demands of their stakeholders through sustained effort and an atmosphere of friendly collaboration. Fully aware of its social responsibilities, Azhand spares no effort in interacting effectively with the environment and people.